You can hope and dream all you want. But until you actually sit down and do it, no reality will come of your dreams. I once started a travel blog, and then…. Oh my… branding and life and perfection and time… all got in the way of just doing it.

So I find myself literally half way around the world, with time on my hands. After exploring a bit, and wanting to tell the world of my travels (screaming into a void?) I decided to scrap almost all of what I had here on Mister Dude and start a little bit over.

I’m still going to post some handy stuff, and some random thoughts, but mostly, this will be about travels and experiences.

Am I hoping for a million followers? No, sounds like a cult. Am I hoping to maybe help a few people in their travels? Maybe. Or maybe you are sitting at your desk one day, wander onto my silly little blog, and this takes you away from whatever TPS report you are supposed to be filling out.

Either way, I hope you find some comfort in all of this.

Oh, and since this is a travel blog (is it?), for the record, that isn’t where the Ampere Seamount is. I’ve attempted to have this corrected.

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