Mmmm, Hashbrowns!


The morning started out with a good breakfast, and thanks to Google Translate, I managed to avoid all the foods that have MSG in them, also known as bột ngọt. They had an omelet station, a noodle station (MSG), fruit (papaya and dragon fruit) and a coffee bar. I had my first taste of Vietnamese Coffee and it was delicious. How can it NOT be with sweetened condensed milk? And we all know how I like my milk and sugar, with a little bit of coffee in it!

Going for a walk

I walked out of the hotel and towards the lake. I had read that there were people there practicing Tai Chi and English. One of these things I knew I was good at!

I walked down the main road and WOW was it busy (I hadn’t really seen ANYTHING yet).

Welcome to the Open Road

These things were all the rage on the street. Some were remote controlled by the parents and some driven by the tiny tots inside. They were pretty cool, and it was the most relaxing driving I would see in all of my travels in Vietnam.

Continuing down the road I found the first of many “shops on a bike”. Essentially an entire shop / store located on one bike. This one served coffee.

Literally a scooter powered by coffee (just indirectly)

I continued walking around the lake finding different pieces of art, a lake (of course), artists offering to draw amazing pictures of you, more art, more kids in fire engines.

Once out of the protected / blocked off area of the lake… that’s when things got crazy. I mean… I think the only reason I survived is people made the calculation that if they hit me with their scooter… I’d probably break their scooter.

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