The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.

It was a Brazilian author Paulo Coelho who coined those words. Committed to an insane asylum when he was 17 only to be let out 3 years and 3 escapes later.

Was he thinking too differently? Was he ahead of his time like Einstein, Madam de Pizan, Tesla, Lovelace? The world and it’s diversity is an interesting place forever changing and increasing in complexity every day. The dynamics of human interaction on this planet are so varied, intricate, delicate and forceful all at the same time.

There are people trying to find themselves after being someone else for so long. People who are spreading their wings, and people looking to have their wings clipped, no longer wanting responsibility.

All the while, there are lovers, admirers, supporters and haters. The world is filled with just as many people passing judgement as those who they pass judgement upon. But don’t let their opinion move you, or sway you or change you. It is a whisper on the wind to be carried away to an abyss to be forever forgotten. If they don’t show you how to be better, or kinder or add to the world in a positive way, then forget them.

Be kind to each other, show the world how awesome you can be. There are thousands of versions of you all within the heads of the people you meet. Not one of them is the same as who you are in your own head. You have undoubtedly changed the life of people you don’t even know or remember in a positive way just by doing something accidental. Imagine what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Flap those butterfly wings and make a storm of positive change in this world.

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