This is Part 1 of my trip to Nepal.  The other parts as I publish them will be found here.

So this begins day one of my travels.  I’m headed half way around the world to visit a place I’ve never been before.  Come along with me on the journey, and together we’ll explore this blue marble we call Earth.  Let’s go to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Let’s begin at the airport…. Because walking isn’t a great option.

Because I was flying business class (thank goodness, it’s a LONG flight) and because Turkish Airlines doesn’t have a business class lounge at Dulles, I got access to the Virgin Atlantic lounge.  Let’s see if I like it:IMG_0017-s

Looks like I do.  You’ll see I’m eating a hamburger, figuring beef isn’t big is predominantly Hindu countries.  Well, it is popular, just not for eating.  Also a white Russian to the right because they are delicious.

Finally, I decided to have something I figured I would get very little of while I was in Nepal (as per the guidebooks, I’m not supposed to eat it in country…)


Fruit cup!

Travelers are supposed to stay away from fruit you can’t peel, vegetables, water, and generally anything H2O that isn’t filtered.  Something about parasites and cysts in the water.  Frankly, that sounds like good enough reasons to enjoy fruit now.

I was eating this food assuming that I was not going to eat anything on the plane.  That was a mistake.  Next up, traveling in business class on Turkish Airlines.

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