Why was I in Vietnam? I was visiting a client. That means we need a before and after (wake up and out the door) picture.

Then we have to pick what pair of shoes to wear that day. Since we’ll be visiting a factory have to go with the steel toed boots.

I actually still had another pair of shoes, well sandals actually. I mean footwear is important in a place that’s very walkable!

I decided not to take a scooter to work. I mean.. where would I even park it?

It’s only slightly less congested on the street.

We went out to lunch a few times. This was one of the times I couldn’t eat anything since it all had MSG or bột ngọt in it.

I wasn’t too hungry as the hotel actually had a pretty good breakfast… and I knew it wasn’t made on the sidewalk. We did have some meals that had interesting presentations.

Very few of the things that came on this plate were any good. But look at that little hat on the right!

Only 4 things on this plate were we allowed to eat. I passed on all of them 🙂

We did some traveling as well. While we didn’t ride in a Christian Dior limousine…

We did have this nice van that I almost fit into

We were followed what I like to think as my own paparazzi. But pretty sure they were just going to work, or sit on a sidewalk somewhere and smoke, drink tea and eat street meat.

Brett Brett – who are you wearing?!?!? Keen, steel toed boots.

On the way there we did pass by some interesting sites. This appears to be how they do grave sites there. Reminds me of New Orleans actually.

A few places just burning their trash

Found the Eiffel Tower holding up some communications gear

This was one of the more interesting things I’ve ever seen on google maps. It seems like they were “reclaiming” land from the bay. I put reclaiming in quotes, because I’m not sure there ever was land there. So the land looked like this

And you can see roads are on there. I guess enough people have been driving on it, that google realizes there are roads there, but not that there is land there. So you end up having roads on water.

Pulling up to the factory, I learn they actually have little lanes for mopeds. Each one of these is a little over a meter wide with a tiny little arm at the end to allow / disallow passage.

With speed bumps, just to make sure you are a good moped driver

Back at the office, we did have some pretty nice views.

Especially good when the air conditioning shuts off at 7PM, and all you have left is a good view and a whole lot of consulting to put on slides 🙂

That’s it for work stuff. I was there for 5 week days for work, but this is all I can really show you or talk about.

Coming up next, beer street, cruises, Tokyo and more!

Thanks for reading!

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