OK, well it’s hard to see here, and it looks like trash, but trust me, there is glitter there.

I have to admit that when I went to Vietnam, I wasn’t expecting to see glitter in the streets… but we’ll get to that in a moment.

You know how you go into a small town, we’ll take one in Maine for instance, and there are still those mom & pop shops that sell specific things for a specific use? I’m always amazed when I go to some of these Asian countries that things like this exist. And not only do they exist, it seems to be the preferred way to buy and sell things.

Much like the old days in Hanoi when they had specific streets for specific vendors, they have certain areas that are selling certain things, so imagine my surprise when I found… Christmas.

Now I’m just hanging with the Santas down on sparkly glitter street

What’s cool is that there are streets with all sorts of different industries or retail verticals on them. For instance..

A store that just sells glass ware
A store that sells things for kitchens
A store that sells anything you can think of made out of thick wire and welded together. Welded right before your unshielded eyes on the streets of Hanoi!
You can also get some tasty treats cooked right on the sidewalk.

This was actually one of the cleaner looking places to eat. Note the little stools, those things are EVERYWHERE, including under Canadiens waiting for the train.

They also had SEVERAL stores dedicated to LEDs. This took me quite a while to go through… except I couldn’t really talk to anyone, so I left without buying a GIGANTIC role of these.

I followed this lady for a while, I figured if we got run over… at least it would be soft?

Yeah, that’s an entire hosiery department.. on a bike

A lot of drawers on that bike!!!

I passed by this place that looked as though a suit had exploded. Cool to see an actual tailor.

Thank goodness the mini stool survived

And that ends the first day in Vietnam

Stay tuned to whatever happens tomorrow!

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